Delhi University SOL Course

1st Year

Paper    I               Business Organisation & Management

Paper    II             Financial Accounting

Paper    III            Business and Industrial Laws

Paper    IV            Economics paper-1-Principles of Economics

Paper    V             Hindi

2nd Year

Paper    VI            Business Mathematics and Statistics

Paper    VII          Corporate Accounting

Paper    VIII         Company and Compensation Laws

Paper    IX            Income Tax and Auditing

Paper    X             Economics Paper-II-Macroeconomics

Paper    XI            English


3rd Year

Paper XII              Cost Accounting

Paper XIII             Computer Applications in Business

Paper XIV            Economics Paper – III

Economic Development and Policy

Paper XV              Humanities Group – Elective Paper

Paper XVI            One Optional Paper out of the following:

(a) Financial Management

(b) Marketing Management

(c) Human Resource management

(d) E-Commerce (e) Hindi (f) English

Delhi University Bcom syllabus

Semester I

1.1 Environmental Studies- Ability Enhancement Compulsory Course (AECC-1)

1.2 Financial Accounting -Core Course (DSC-1)

1.3 Business Organisation and Management- Core Course (DSC-2)

1.4 Generic Elective (Any one of the following)- Generic Elective (GE-1)

(a) Principles of Micro Economics

(b) New Venture Planning

Semester II

2.1 Language: English/Hindi/Modern Indian Language- Ability Enhancement Compulsory Course (AECC-2)

2.2 Business Laws -Core Course (DSC-3)

2.3 Business Mathematics and Statistics -Core Course (DSC-4)

2.4 Generic Elective (Any of the following) -Generic Elective (GE-2)

(a) Principles of Macro Economics

(b) Economics of Regulation of Domestic and Foreign Exchange Markets

Delhi University Bcom syllabus

Semester III

3.1 Company Law -Core Course (DSC-5)

3.2 Income Tax Laws- Core Course (DSC-6)

3.2 Income Tax Laws -Core Course (DSC-6)

3.3 Discipline Specific Elective (Any one of the following) -Discipline Specific Elective (DSE-1)

(a) Indian Economy

(b) Financial Markets and Institutions

Semester IV

4.1 Indirect Tax Laws -Core Course (DSC-7)

4.2 Corporate Accounting- Core Course (DSC-8)

4.3 Discipline Specific Elective (Any one of the following) -Discipline Specific Elective (DSE-2)

(a) Human Resource Management

(b) Industrial Laws

4.4 Skill Based (Any one of the following)- Skill Enhancement Course (SEC-2)

(a) E-Commerce

(b) Investing in Stock Markets

Semester V

5.1 Auditing and Corporate Governance Core Course (DSC-9)

5.2 Cost Accounting Core Course (DSC-10)

5.3 Discipline Specific Elective (Any one of the following) -Discipline Specific Elective (DSE-3)

(a) Principles of Marketing

(b) Training and Development

5.4 Skill Based (Any one of the following)- Skill Enhancement Course (SEC-3)

(a) Computer Applications in Business

(b) Advertising

Semester VI

6.1 Fundamentals of Financial Management- Core Course (DSC-11)

6.2 Business Communication Core Course (DSC-12)

6.3 Skill Based (Any one of the following) -Skill Enhancement Course (SEC-4)

(a) Personal Selling and Salesmanship

(b) Cyber Crimes and Laws

6.4 Discipline Specific Elective(Any one of the following) -Discipline Specific Elective (DSE-4)

(a) International Business

(b) Consumer Affairs and Customer Care

(c) Entrepreneurship and Small Business

(d) Organisational Behaviour

(e) Indian Polity and Governance

(f) Office Management and Secretarial Practice

(g) Corporate Tax Planning

(h) Fundamentals of Investment

(i) Management Accounting

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