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Welcome to S.T.G. Commerce Classes

Welcome to the world of  STG Classes a place which gives you a truly refined learning experience. We believe.

  • Education is learning, not mugging
  • Education is understanding, not spoon feeding
  • Education is a process, not the few hours before exams
  • Education is applicable in the practical world, not acquiring bookish knowledge.
From time immemorial, on joining a normal coaching class, you have been provided with
  • Dreary teachers
  • Overstuffed Classrooms
  • Substandard Facilities
  • And a dull atmosphere
Elsewhere, there is always a wide gap between expectations and achievements because you have been taken for granted. Thus, not only do we want to redefine academics; we also want to redefine the learning experience by providing you up-to-the-mark facilities which befit your status and create a wonderful atmosphere with a higher comfort level; so that learning can be truly fun. 1